Areas of Expertise

Çiltuğ Maintenance & Service

Our new division offers assessment & consulting, training, refurbishment & upgrade services. Our experienced team is ready 7/24 for the express maintenance and spare parts service of all types of HEPP and WPP facilities across Turkey

Çiltuğ Maintenance & Service provides more than 40+ years experience in the industry. Keeping your hydropower equipment in operational mode demands continuous maintenance. Older machines need attention to ensure an even longer trouble free operational life time. Çiltuğ experts can maintain your complete hydroelectric equipment ensuring longer life time and avoiding unplanned outages. Çiltuğ also offers a one stop solution with customized service contracts on maintenance of your complete hydroelectric equipment.

Customers benefit of an early warning system and can define an individual framework to streamline, simplify and improve the hydroelectric equipment to enhance asset and risk management. This leads to significant lower investment in replacing, repairing, and refurbishing hydroelectric equipment and shorter down times.

Beginning with simple and robust smart remote solutions to the complete care package including spare parts and work force you can chose the scope of the service contract flexible and tailored to your needs. This gives you access to our reliable service experts 24/7, our high quality engineered components and spare parts.

  • Monitoring & Diagnosis
  • Standard maintenance works
  • Condition assessments
  • Improved safety & facility lifetime extension
  • Exchange of wear parts
  • Çiltuğ teams on-site 24/7