Sır Dam and HEPP (3 x 94,6 MW)

1991 / Kahramanmaraş, Turkey

  • CLIENT: Çukurova Electricity Inc. (ÇEAŞ)-General Management
  • PROJECT: Sır Dam and HEPP (3x94,6 MW), Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • CONTRACTOR: Toshiba Co. / Japan
  • SUB-CONTRACTOR: Çiltuğ Heat Industry and Trade Co.
  • SCOPE: Erection of spiral cases, draft tubes, turbines, generators and accessories. 96 MW Francis turbine, 105 MWA generator, Ø7.4 m spiral casing, Ø5.3 m inlet pipe, Ø3.55
    m draft tube, Ø3.14 m lenght 20.6 m draft tube outlet pipe, draft tube gates in dimension
    of 10.4 mx12 m, central power crane with 240 ton capacity and governor systems.
  • COMPLETED IN: 1991